Sony RM-VL600 Universal Remote

The Sony RM-VL600 universal remote is a great choice for those who are budget-conscious. That's because it's sold at an incredibly affordable price, yet has more than enough features to satisfy many users.

It can control up to 8 AV components! This is a great thing for those who are tired of having to use separate remote controls for everything. You can really simply your life with one of the best universal remote controls available.

The remote can even "learn" the programming signals to your devices. This allows for ease of use and the best in compatibility. There are even pre-programmed codes for the most popular brands, making this easy to set up and very worth your while.

Reviewers are clear that this remote definitely lives up to expectations. No, it's definitely not the most full featured universal remote we're reviewed here on this site, but it does a great job for its intended purpose.

Sony RM-VL600 Universal Remote Sales

The Sony RM-VL600 universal remote is great for those who want something that won't break the bank, won't be complicated to use, and won't quickly go out of date. If you're looking for something more high tech, you might want to choose an upgraded model. Most people will be more than satisfied with this particular choice, however.

In fact, some reviewers note that they purchased the Sony RM-VL600 for several different rooms in their home. That is how satisfied they were with the model! Imagine ditching all those remotes strewn about in your living room, bedroom, family room, and den. You can have one for each room and get rid of the clutter.

Sony has a long standing reputation for quality, and this universal remote is no exception. Once you have a remote like this in your hands, you'll wonder how you ever dealt with your electronics without one. It's a great decision to make this purchase, especially if you need a new remote anyway. Anything you can do to simplify your life and get rid of the excess is a great thing, and that is something having a Sony RM-VL600 universal remote can help you do.

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